WooCommerce: Our Top Tips for Higher Visibility and Ranking

For most companies out there that want to make sure that their eCommerce endeavors go off without a hitch, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools of the trade. Things get even more effective when WooCommerce is added to the mix, which is a plugin specifically designed for eCommerce on WordPress. There are many different tools that can help an online store get ahead that it is understandable to get a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, digital marketing for an online store is about search engine optimization (SEO), which can be straightforward when used alongside WooCommerce SEO.

Similar to any other endeavor, the idea of utilizing WooCommerce is to make sure that the online store is as visible as possible to the relevant search engine algorithm — with the most important being the Google algorithm. The idea is to give the online store as much visibility as possible, increasing the chances of converting curious online users to paying customers. Here are some top tips for higher visibility and ranking.

Making full use of WooCommerce SEO

The first step for most WordPress projects is to make sure that the company uses the best possible plugins for the platform. WooCommerce is just one example of a fantastic plugin, and there are many more available that provide relevant data when it comes to SEO services matters. While it is entirely possible to get the job done with WooCommerce, the plugin tends to do its best work when used alongside SEO-specific plugins.

Fortunately, there are so many plugins available offering such features that the company is practically spoiled for choice. It is quite similar to using business software as a company to help streamline most of the tasks. Considering that the goal is brand visibility, it’s a good idea to have an SEO plugin dedicated to providing the right analytics.

Understanding the right mindset

Developing a website is all about maintaining the proper mindset to get the attention of curious online users. A marketing strategy may be fantastic on almost every level, but if the landing page or storefront looks a mess, company owners will find that all the effort they spent on marketing is practically wasted. The landing page is the most crucial part of the process, and for online store owners, it’s about optimizing the storefront.

One key thing to consider when making optimizations is to ensure that the storefront is as simple as possible. Images are all well and good, but if the quality is much too high and the file size is bloated, it can cause the page to slow down. A bit of slowdown doesn’t seem so bad, but it can mean the difference between success and failure for an online store. Keeping things simple is fantastic, as it means less work while simultaneously providing more opportunities for success.

Allowing space for customer reviews

Aside from having a simple online storefront to ensure that people aren’t overwhelmed, another great addition to have when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce would be a means for customers to write down reviews. Letting potential customers know that their opinion matters is never a bad thing, as it’s one of the best ways a company can learn and make adjustments based on constructive feedback. 

As if the advantage of constructive feedback isn’t enough, there’s also the SEO advantage of reviews. There are few things more effective for an online store than a load of positive reviews, as it can help increase the visibility of the online store.

Relevant meta descriptions

Last but certainly not least, it would be a waste to go for automatically generated meta descriptions offered by some services. Relevant meta descriptions matter, and the help of web design developers and even SEO consultants can show many businesses the importance of meta descriptions. Not only is it crucial in attracting online users, but it also helps the algorithm sort the content.

Without a doubt the use of WooCommerce and SEO options for the company’s online store is practically guaranteed to be a success. Fortunately, the many tenants of web optimization can help online store owners boost their odds of attracting a following. It only goes to show how crucial apps and platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce can be for those running a company.