Rice in All It’s Yumminess – Part 1

White Rice – Iranian Style (Chelo Safeed) (Serves 3-6)


1. Three cups of white long grain rice.

2. Four desk spoons of cooking oil.

3. 2 medium potatoes cut into rounds, washed and tired.

4. One hundred twenty ml or 4 oz.Of water.

5. Salt as in step with taste.


I usually soak the rice for at least half an hour (if it’s new rice) or for 1 hour (if it’s vintage rice) in warm water and a few salt before cooking.

Fill a medium-sized pot midway with water, upload salt and a chunk of oil and convey to a boil.

Add the rice and allow it prepare dinner for a few minutes stirring from time to time to allow the oil coat the grains, until it starts boiling. Check to peer if the rice grains have softened. When the rice is a little greater than half-cooked, take it out and drain it. Run tap water over it and permit it drain.

Pour the oil in the pot, lay the potatoes inside the backside of the pot, add a piece of salt, then upload the half-cooked rice loosely over it. Add one hundred twenty ml of water to it and with a skewer make some holes to allow the rice cook with the steam of the water passing through it. Close the pot with a lid and add a little water on saffron buy online  pinnacle and close the lid. Let it cook for approximately 2 minutes on excessive warmth.

When the rice starts to steam, positioned the heat on to medium and go away it on for about 15 minutes. Finally positioned the rice on low warmth  and with a spoon add oil to the pinnacle of the rice and cowl with the lid and allow it prepare dinner for any other 10 mins. The rice is now geared up to eat.


1. When you are serving the rice, decorate it with the fried potatoes that have end up a golden brown color with the aid of this time.

2. Take some saffron in a warmness-resistant glass and add a few warm water to it. Let it stand within the rice even as it’s miles cooking. The warmness brings out the stunning aroma of saffron. After the rice has cooked, positioned this saffron in a bowl and add a number of the cooked rice to it and blend it to offer the rice a beautiful golden yellow color. Decorate the rest of the rice with this saffron blend. This is traditional persian or iranian rice.

3. Instead of potatoes, you can use pita bread. If you use nothing, the rice will form a thick crisp layer that is called “Tah Deegh” in persian.