How to Fix a Damaged Online Reputation

Online reputation matters a lot for business owners. Potential customers read information online before deciding to buy products and services. Therefore, a company with terrible reviews and tarnished reputation could suffer. It’s even worse when the business faced a recent scandal. It’s not easy to recover from it, and it could take time. The good thing is there are ways to fix online reputation. Here are some of them. 

Improve SEO strategies 

Search engine optimization targets the right keyword. When users look for information online, they will type these keywords. The websites appearing on the first pages will be the priority. The problem is that there are too many websites competing to be on top. Therefore, it helps if the business focuses on having the best SEO strategies. Identify what other websites do and try to be better. 

Don’t sweep issues under the rug

If the business faced a recent controversy, there should be an official statement. It needs to be clear to the target audiences and loyal customers what the company stands for. If it necessitates an apology, the leaders should do it. There’s no reason to double down on what happened. Accept the mistake and move forward. Promise the customers that the company will learn from what happened and be better. 

Use reputation management software to fix online reputation

While some companies faced real issues that led to the tarnished image, others didn’t. They looked bad because of false reviews circulating online. The best way in dealing with this problem is by using reputation management software. It’s easy to spot reviews related to the company. After identifying false reviews, there should be a response. It should be clear and straightforward. Anyone reading the review will have a sense of what the company’s goals are. The truth behind the negative reviews will eventually come out. 

It also pays to have someone dealing with all online reviews. It’s not only the negative review that the company should pay attention to. Positive reviews also matter. These people went out of their way to say something good. They deserve an acknowledgement. They have to know that the company will do better to live up to the standards and expectations. 

Claim the Google My Business listing

Focusing on local SEO is also crucial. Small businesses don’t necessarily compete with large companies out there. Everything starts with potential customers in the area. Claiming the Google My Business listing helps. It tells everyone that the company is legit and it can provide services in the area. 

Maximize the use of social media 

Social media helps in spreading positive information about the business. Everyone uses social media these days. It’s easy to post details about what the company has to offer. There should also be more interactions with potential customers. If they visit the page and see how vibrant it is, they might be curious to know more. The social media account also helps reach everyone for official statements. Since more people receive information through this platform, using it to fix online reputation won’t be a problem. 

Don’t rely on online marketing alone

While it’s good to have a robust online marketing campaign, the business shouldn’t rely on it alone. Once the online drive fails, everything else will fall apart. There should also be offline campaigns aimed at reaching the target audiences. Posters, billboards, flyers, and brochures still work. Besides, some people don’t go online all the time. They prefer getting information through offline sources. If the company tries to advertise to older people, offline marketing practices help. 

Contact review websites

The business may also contact review websites to ask for help. They can remove bad reviews, especially if the information is false. The website will conduct a thorough investigation first before deciding to say yes to the request. Once they find a reason to agree to the company, those reviews will no longer be on the website. Again, given how popular reviews are, the company can’t afford to have them. 

Continue providing quality products and services

The best way to make people patronize the brand is by being consistent in delivering what they want. If the products and services are of top quality, the customers will stay loyal. Otherwise, they will look for other options. Worse, they will leave negative reviews and encourage others to jump ship. 

The point is that it’s never easy to fix an online reputation. People will always have something terrible to say, regardless of its truthfulness. The company can never sleep on these reviews. Even if they’re false, some potential customers might believe. It’s better to act on the situation right away instead of waiting for things to worsen. Also, even if the business succeeded in fixing its reputation, it’s not yet over. Everyone should work hard to ensure that the reputation stays the same.