An Informative Review On The Vivo Y72 Camera

Vivo launched its latest smartphone Vivo Y72 last week, 15 July in India. Its key technical specifications and pricing point to it being competitive with other top smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung. The Indian version of Vivo Y72 is very different from the previous Thailand version which was launched in March last year. Vivo has been trialling the smartphone extensively in India and has introduced some major changes to the existing user interface and general app experience. The Indian version of Vivo Y72 is now selling very briskly.

With a body design similar to the iPhone, Vivo has launched two variants of its smartphone, the S1 and S5. The S5 has a larger, 4.2-inch diagonal screen size compared to the Y72’s 2.5-inch screen size. Other internal storage capacity is not as advanced as in the iPhone. With a memory of ROM 17GB and additional storage space of RAM and CF, the Vivo Y72 offers great value for money. It comes with a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor and comes with plenty of memory space for storage.

The all-storage device of the vivo y72 has been complemented by an impressive list of features including the music player, video player, internet browser, social networking client, camera, photo editor, and video calling service. This is particularly impressive considering the price vivo y72 of the handset which is about the same as an iPhone. It also offers connectivity options like USB modem, 3G connectivity, MMS and EDGE support. A microSD slot, a built-in antenna, a dual-tone speaker and an eye-catching design completes its stunning appearance.

The all-screen design of the vivo y72 gives it an appealing look that is unrivaled in comparison to other handsets. The touch screen is made from Corning’s Gorilla glass and is quite responsive. It responds fast and provides accurate functionality. Android software comes pre-installed on the handset, which gives it a decent user experience. Users are treated to an excellent visual interface complete with an on-screen menu, the standard notification panel and the quick settings menu.

One of the highlights of this vivo Y 72 is its high quality camera. The rear camera is just as good as the front camera enabling facial recognition. The lens captures clear images and videos with excellent color clarity. The lens can be adjusted in every level from ultra-wide to super narrow enabling users to capture shots in all direction possible. The front and rear cameras are capable of simultaneously recording to enable users to capture all activity with the phone at the same time.

The rear camera on this handset is also commendable; capable of recording videos up to HD. The phone’s imaging quality leaves a lot to be desired however. Users will be disappointed with low resolution and shaky video recordings. This vivo Y 72’s True Photograph mode is the best way to enable users to take high-quality photographs. The phone uses the Mediatek dim density 700 to ensure that the camera takes crisp and clear images.